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Ponder Point 2

23 Chunks of Being:

Gregory Grieve’s Experiments in Transmitting Pure actuality

Traditional philosophy almost by definition

 has concerned itself with the unsaid.

Joseph Kosuth, “Art After Philosophy”

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Pragmatically, to mark these 23 pieces as chunks of experience set off from ordinary communication, Grieve calls them *objects,” which are neither so much about content, nor form and materials, nor about ideas and meanings. Instead, each is a recipe, as a seed, a media assemblage apparatus for generating what it is like to dwell in a particular world. Because of his time served in the Academy, however, Grieve’s own explanations often become quagmired in impenetrable classical Zen Buddhism, Lacanian even or post-Heideggerian jargon. If you want to understand, don’t listen to him. Don’t read what he writes. Instead, as the Austrian-British philosopher of language, Ludwig Wittgenstein, writes: “Don’t think: but look!” Which Grieve hopes will allow you to also “see” and “experience.”

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